biotech venture "Loonskin labs" global semi-finalist

I assembled a team around a platform process I invented to create Loonskin Labs. Through consultation with medical professionals we landed on three impactful biomedical applications of my method. Together we developed our business proposal and made it to the semifinal round of OneStart, the world's largest biotech startup competition, hosted by SR One, the venture capital arm of GlaxoSmithKline. 

biomedical applications

We prototyped

  • Vascularized membranes to create pressure-and-thermo-regulating bedding for inambulatory patients to prevent bedsores
  • Silicone wound dressings to massage and treat fibrotic keloid scar tissues
  • Thermoregulatory garments for HAZMAT suits to lengthen shifts of emergency medical workers
  • We  proposed this biomimetic process could be further developed to provide scaffolding for tissue and organ growth

Through OneStart we were introduced to Dr. Linda Maxwell, as a mentor for the competition, but Linda stuck with us long after OneStart ended.
Renderings in above-left carousel by teammate Graham McLaughlin.

           bUSINESS plAN (13 MIN)


The competition involved training through the OneStart Bootcamp at  UCSF, and pitching our business plan and device in front of a panel of senior pharma and biotech venture capitalists. 

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